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March 20, 2013
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Runlar Sojourner [Ifryt MKI MRPU] by Zaeta-K Runlar Sojourner [Ifryt MKI MRPU] by Zaeta-K
Hey, I finished it before I had to slog off to work :D



Runlar Industries was a joint human / dmargo corporation that had its real intent and purposes shrouded from the public eye. Founded and owned by Adam Runlar, the corporation was technically part of the human United Planetary, but its main headquarters was situated in the dmargo capital city, Eno T'sala.

Although being a mega-corporation that created several types of products, Runlar was most famous for its high-grade military equipment.

The corporation was also secretly researching the advancement of biology in sentient Tempesion organisms, usually the dmargo race (being Runlar was most interested in the dmargo species - hence the location of his HQ).

Perhaps Runlar's most powerful and iconic symbol of this secret research was the "sojourner." Not necessarily a military project when it began, Sojourners were initially dmargo-only subjects who underwent heavy mental and physical augmentation in order to activate more portions of the brain than could be used previously. The dmargo race had always shown itself to have a much higher sense of "getting vibes" off of objects, people, or situations. This, among other attributes like quick reflexes, was to be capitalized upon by expanding the consciously used portions of the brain. What quickly became evident was that one of the side-effects of the operation allowed Sojourners to manipulate living organisms through the use of an advanced form of "subliminal telepathy." For only milliseconds, a Sojourner was able to control another's limbs, mostly to perform quick spastic movements. Additionally, the Sojourner was also able to amplify the power of these movements by overriding the opposing brain's limitations -

- for example, a sojourner could create the illusion of "throwing" someone with telekinesis; however the actuality would be that the sojourner overrode the opponent's mind, making them leap or stumble in a given direction without proper preparation for the action. While at first this ability doesn't seem all that great, with strong enough amplification of the opponents brain signals, a sojourner could "throw" someone so violently that their leg bones would shatter and tendons tear just from the force of the jump their brain was forced to make. Additional actions could consist of jerking an opponent's firearm into their teammates, or throwing off the aim of someone firing on a sojourner.

Female dmargo subjects proved to be much more adept than their male counterparts, with their bodies and minds having a higher percentage of agreement with the modifications. The performing of this subliminal telepathy often leaves sojourners with blinding migraines and other body pains. On some occasions, the first sojourner experiments underwent severe internal body damage upon using their powers as well. To counteract this, sojourners were then surgically equipped with a reinforced skeleton, stronger artificial tendons and muscles, and lightweight but tensile composite plates protecting the ribs and abdominal cavity. It was by this stage that Runlar saw the military potential in these "psychic commandos."

Eventually the first generation of sojourners were created as Tempesion knows them. They were essentially mercenaries who were contracted out to governments who could afford such priceless commandos.

Up until the Afterwar, Sojourners were an extremely well-guarded secret. With a full-blown interstellar apocalyptic war, word got around of their existence. The commandos were almost exclusively functioning for the dmargo governments when the Afterwar turned into a more "species versus species" conflict.


Some "Trivia"

- Sojourners were the first test pilots for Seraphims in the Dusk Legion; their heightened "gut feelings" told them the machines had their own consciousness.

- Sojourner are not limited to only dmargo females. There have been instances of other races being turned into sojourners, most extensively tsudayins. It should be noted though that dmargo are the most effective with subliminal telepathy.

- Third Generation sojourners are rumored to have shards of a Seraphim's body included with their modifications.

- Although ridiculously over-powered to the point where fighting a sojourner is synonymous with certain death, their numbers are not all that impressive.

- Cort Sulla, Condor Operative and main character of "Sehnsuct," wields one of the special short-swords carried by sojourners. It's unknown if it was given to him, or he had to "earn" it (killing a sojourner).

- The easiest way to kill a sojourner with conventional weaponry is a shot through the eye and into the brain. Any other shots would be rendered relatively ineffective with their composite plating covering internal organs - even more so when they wear their Ifryt bodysuits.

Rail guns and other high-velocity weaponry can punch through their bodies, but usually make "ice pick" wounds straight through, leaving minimal internal damage.

- I made these things up around 2006, and I finally have a design for their suits that I like.

The Runlar Corporation was "officially" shut down when the UPD stormed their facilities to apprehend employees involved with the illegal testing going on for their sojourner programs.

It disappeared completely for the duration of both the Afterwar and its Aftermath... but resurfaced again almost 500 years later as the Neo Runlar Corporation, with Third Generation sojourners no less.
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Drakozozh Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wait a minute....Isn't there supposed to be a tail on that dmargo?
Zaeta-K Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, ordinarily you'd be right! (good observation)

But Sojourners have their tails docked to decrease their overall weight and profile :)
mirnes117 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013 her ass supposed to be that visible? Not that I'm complaining.
Zaeta-K Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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